Republican Views is the Everyday Patriot newsletter providing conservative commentary on news and hot button issues in politics. When legislation gets passed in Washington, Republican Views provides commentary, spreading awareness of the conservative viewpoint. When personal freedoms are threatened, Republican Views provides context and background about why that’s so dangerous.

Because National Spotlight offers frequent updates about breaking news and legislation, it pairs well with Republican Views, which gives commentary on these issues. Learn from those who know the issues and talking points through and through with Republican views.

Trump Advisor Mitchell Ousted After Left-Wing Campaign, Emails Reveal

Cleta Mitchell, a senior legal fellow at the Conservative Partnership Institute and former advisor to President Donald Trump, was not reappointed to the Election...

Chinese Military Lobbyists In DC Spend Millions

“Chinese military companies” as defined by the Pentagon have spent over $24 million on American lobbying efforts since 2020. Public records of legally required...

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National Spotlight is the Everyday Patriot newsletter to focus on serious issues affecting the conservative American. National Spotlight looks at legislation and politics affecting critical issues such as the right to life, the right to bear arms, and First Amendment freedoms including the right to peaceably assemble and the right to free speech. With National Spotlight, we encourage readers to stay informed about prospective legislation that could limit personal freedoms.

Republican Views complements a subscription to National Spotlight by offering commentary about these key issues. Get fully informed by digesting the latest news and conservative commentary about these serious matters.

Hillary Clinton Tells Disgruntled Voters To ‘Get Over Yourself’

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has harsh words for Americans who are dissatisfied with their apparent choices in November’s presidential election. Revealing more...

San Francisco Marks Easter Sunday By Denigrating Christianity

On the holiest day of the Christian calendar, San Francisco hosted a pageant of debauchery that mocked the most basic tenets of the faith....

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Leftist Websites Pushing For Abortion Pills In Restrictive States

Multiple far-left websites recently released a slew of advertisements in GOP-led states indicating that they will ship unregulated abortion pills across the U.S. Over 12...

ICE Searching For Migrant TikToker Who Advocated For Squatting

The U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency recently began searching for a Venezuelan national who went viral on TikTok for urging illegal immigrants...

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Everyday Patriot focuses on unifying the conservative movement to accomplish goals of the movement: the pursuit of the right to life, looser gun ownership laws, and other critical rights like freedom of speech.

Everyday Patriot offers frequent news updates and conservative commentary to support the reader. It is our hope that the topics presented on Everyday Patriot can spark informative discussion in readers homes and communities.

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The mission of Everyday Patriot is to provide the truth — without liberal bias. Everyday Patriot considers it important to provide news and commentary in a manner that is consistently respectful to our local law enforcement officers as well as the men and women in uniform who serve to keep our nation safe. Everyday Patriot aims to galvanize the conservative movement by focusing on what can unify conservative Americans in the face of limited personal rights and freedoms.

What Everyday Patriot Publishes

Everyday Patriot publishes content that examines breaking news and then deeply analyzes it, providing talking points and accurate information to our readers. With the help of our National Spotlight, readers can receive and understand information about new legislation and laws and how those laws affect our personal freedoms. Republican Views supplies commentary and analysis to further break down the details.

With our newsletters, we hope readers can understand the serious nature of legislation, particularly legislation concerning gun rights, the right to life, and the right to free speech. We also provide ample talking points to help our readers communicate about critical conservative issues and viewpoints.

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