Hamas Agrees To Ceasefire But Demands Written Guarantees From Israel

Hamas has conditionally accepted a U.S.-proposed ceasefire deal, insisting on “written guarantees” for negotiations aimed at ending the ongoing conflict with Israel. The militant group’s demand for documented assurances marks a shift in their stance, no longer requiring an immediate end to Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

A Hamas spokesperson revealed that the group seeks mediation from Egyptian and Qatari officials and demands written commitments from Israel to halt military activities during the negotiations. Despite agreeing to release hostages as part of the deal, Hamas insists that these conditions be formally documented.

According to Axios, Mossad intelligence director David Barnea met with mediators in Doha on Friday but rejected Hamas’s demands. The primary disagreement centers on Article 14 of the Israeli proposal, which outlines the timeline for negotiations under a temporary ceasefire. While the current proposal states that the U.S., Egypt, and Qatar will “make every effort” to ensure successful negotiations, Hamas wants this changed to “ensure.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the ongoing differences and confirmed that negotiators would return to Doha. The situation remains tense as CIA Director William Burns is also set to travel to Doha to assist in resolving the conflict.