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About Everyday Patriot

Everyday Patriot provides frequent updates and breaking news about hot-button topics affecting our personal freedoms as Americans. When news and legislation happens concerning the threat of the removal or limitation of our Constitutional Rights, Everyday Patriot is on the case.

Everyday Patriot is known for providing not only news, but also commentary from a conservative viewpoint to supplement current affairs. This fast-response commentary method gives readers deeper understanding and context about serious issues affecting their lives.

Passionately Reporting Honest, Ethical News

The mission of Everyday Patriot is to provide the truth — without liberal bias. Everyday Patriot considers it important to provide news and commentary in a manner that is consistently respectful to our local law enforcement officers as well as the men and women in uniform who serve to keep our nation safe. Everyday Patriot aims to galvanize the conservative movement by focusing on what can unify conservative Americans in the face of limited personal rights and freedoms.

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The Everyday Patriot Team

Everyone on the Everyday Patriot team comes from a different background. We have formally trained journalists, casual contributors, former teachers, CEOs, military members, politicians, construction workers, transportation specialists, and so many others. Each represents a segment of the American population, ensuring all of our stories are approached with empathy, compassion, and understanding.

We publish a wide variety of content designed to thoroughly examine what’s happening in the world around us. You need to know when pending legislation may impact your freedoms and rights. You need to know when global political theater may have a ripple effect on your home life. Each of our team members understands this and works hard to find exactly what you need to know about each day – cutting out the rest of the media’s biased fluff.

About Our Team

The Everyday Patriot Editorial Policy

Our founding fathers made our rights clear. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of press, the right to bear arms, and so much more. We understand your core values, including but not limited to the sanctity of life and your desire for a limited government. We share and uphold these values and strive to report in a way that remains in alignment while staying loyal to truthful reporting. You deserve nothing less.

We take our jobs seriously. Our policy is to make sure all news is properly vetted, sourced reliably, and fact-checked thoroughly. Opinion pieces are never published on our pages – facts only. We don’t tolerate anything less from our writers and editors.

Editorial Policy