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Everyday Patriot provides frequent updates and breaking news about hot-button topics affecting our personal freedoms as Americans. When news and legislation happens concerning the threat of the removal or limitation of our Constitutional Rights, Everyday Patriot is on the case.

Everyday Patriot is known for providing not only news, but also commentary from a conservative viewpoint to supplement current affairs. This fast-response commentary method gives readers deeper understanding and context about serious issues affecting their lives.

Passionately Reporting Honest, Ethical News

The mission of Everyday Patriot is to provide the truth — without liberal bias. Everyday Patriot considers it important to provide news and commentary in a manner that is consistently respectful to our local law enforcement officers as well as the men and women in uniform who serve to keep our nation safe. Everyday Patriot aims to galvanize the conservative movement by focusing on what can unify conservative Americans in the face of limited personal rights and freedoms.

What Everyday Patriot Publishes

Everyday Patriot publishes content that examines breaking news and then deeply analyzes it, providing talking points and accurate information to our readers. With the help of our National Spotlight, readers can receive and understand information about new legislation and laws and how those laws affect our personal freedoms. Republican Views supplies commentary and analysis to further break down the details.

With our newsletters, we hope readers can understand the serious nature of legislation, particularly legislation concerning gun rights, the right to life, and the right to free speech. We also provide ample talking points to help our readers communicate about critical conservative issues and viewpoints.

National Spotlight

National Spotlight informs readers about breaking news, legislation, and politics threatening the rights of everyday Americans. Provided without a liberal bias you’ll find in other media sources, National Spotlight focuses on sharing the truth about these issues.

Fair Republican Views

Republican Views provides deeper conservative commentary about the news of the day. If you want to know why Congresspeople move certain bills through Congress or how to fight back against legislation affecting your personal freedoms, Republican Views is here to help. Republican Views provides tips to speak about your rights and defend your family and your faith.

We’re Here for You

Stay in touch with Everyday Patriot! Check back to this website for frequent updates, and subscribe to both newsletters to get a complete view of Capitol Hill politics without the liberal bias you’ll find in news media from most sources. We understand how to provide and promote content that respects our law enforcement officers as they protect our communities.

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