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Thank you for reaching out to Everyday Patriot. We appreciate your interest in the conservative cause. If you’re a patriot willing to galvanize the movement, we’re excited to hear what you have to say. We know that every voice is critical to the conservative movement, and as long as we’re united on key topics, there’s room for everyone to say what they need to and contribute to the cause.

The Everyday Patriot Mission

Everyday Patriot provides information and education to our readers without the liberal bias taking over mainstream media. We believe in the conservative cause and stand up for the rights of the unborn. We promote fiscal responsibility on both the household and the government level, and take seriously the place of America on the global stage.

Everyday Patriot aims to increase the swell of the conservative movement, ensuring the rights and personal freedoms of everyday Americans are protected.

About the Everyday Patriot Team

The Everyday Patriot team is composed of writers and editors from all over the United States. Committed to the conservative movement, they are committed to providing content about recent legislation and other hot-button topics without the liberal bias you’ll find in the mainstream media.

Our writers and editors are committed to fairness and honesty supported by fact-checking and quality training.

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We love hearing from our patriotic readers at Everyday Patriot! Our writers and editors are looking forward to your message. To get in touch, please reply to any newsletter and send along your critique, feedback, news tips, and messages to help us improve.

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