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We’re so happy you’ve decided to check out Everyday Patriot. Each day our team of dedicated contributors spends hours scouring the web for the breaking news and updates that stand to have the biggest impact on our everyday lives. We believe in ethical reporting, honest reporting, and the elimination of media bias.

The Everyday Patriot Mission

We’re so tired of the mainstream media’s biased way of reporting the news. We get that everyone has a political alignment, but we believe you deserve news that is fact-based and free of ridiculous spin. We aim to respect law enforcement and the military, respect our Constitution, and create a respectful news environment. Your personal rights and freedoms are ours – and we want to protect them.

The Everyday Patriot Team

Everyone on the Everyday Patriot team comes from a different background. We have formally trained journalists, casual contributors, former teachers, CEOs, military members, politicians, construction workers, transportation specialists, and so many others. Each represents a segment of the American population, ensuring all of our stories are approached with empathy, compassion, and understanding.

We publish a wide variety of content designed to thoroughly examine what’s happening in the world around us. You need to know when pending legislation may impact your freedoms and rights. You need to know when global political theater may have a ripple effect on your home life. Each of our team members understands this and works hard to find exactly what you need to know about each day – cutting out the rest of the media’s biased fluff.

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