Report Exposes Biden Handlers’ Extensive Control Amid Cognitive Health Concerns

A detailed report by the Wall Street Journal has blown the lid off the tight control exerted by President Joe Biden’s handlers over his public engagements and schedule, intensifying concerns about his cognitive health. The revelations come amid increasing scrutiny of Biden’s performance and capability as the oldest president in U.S. history.

The report outlines how Biden’s advisers have meticulously managed his activities to minimize signs of cognitive decline. His daily schedule is limited, with few impromptu exchanges and restricted press conferences. Even during campaign fundraisers, interactions are carefully controlled, with questions from donors submitted in advance.

A notable example occurred during Biden’s 2022 visit to Germany. German officials, aware of his evening fatigue, planned an early evening meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

However, Biden did not attend, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken informing the German delegation that the president had retired for the night.

This pattern of control is evident in other instances. In 2023, Biden skipped a crucial NATO Summit dinner, officially due to the need for speech preparation. However, his schedule showed leisure activities, prompting further questions about the administration’s transparency and Biden’s fitness.

Conservative critics have long highlighted Biden’s cognitive issues, but the mainstream media’s recent shift in reporting suggests growing concern. The tight management by his handlers, coupled with Biden’s frequent absences from key events, underscores the challenges facing the administration. This increased scrutiny is likely to continue as the 2024 election approaches, with Biden’s health and capability remaining a central issue.