Filmmaker Michael Moore Urges Biden To Resign After Debate ‘Collapse’

Michael Moore, the well-known activist and filmmaker, has called on President Joe Biden to resign following a disastrous performance at the recent CNN presidential debate. Moore described Biden’s debate showing as an “utter collapse” and criticized the Democratic Party for subjecting Biden to what he termed “elder abuse.”

In a detailed article on his substack, Moore blasted the Democratic Party for wanting Americans to ignore Biden’s visibly poor performance. He depicted Biden as “so mentally and physically incapacitated that he cannot complete a sentence,” labeling the event a significant failure not just politically but personally for Biden.

“This was not a cold. This was a human being in utter collapse,” Moore wrote. “Not just political collapse, or performance collapse, but rather a full frontal lobe meltdown where at any moment you had to wonder… was it possible that the sweet and fragile existence we call ‘life’ was about to short-circuit, or worse, lose power (to Trump)?”

Moore emphasized the urgency of questioning Biden’s ability to continue in office, suggesting it was more about his immediate capability than his long-term fitness. He expressed his regret for having to be so direct but felt it was necessary to prevent further harm to Biden.

“Biden was not well. Biden did not possess the faculties he needed. Something was wrong,” Moore insisted. He criticized the lack of foresight among Biden’s advisors, questioning why no one intervened before the debate to prevent such an outcome.

For the country’s sake, Moore proposed that Vice President Kamala Harris should step in. He argued that Biden should retire and rest, with Harris assuming the presidency. According to federal campaign rules, Harris would take over all the campaign funds from the Biden-Harris campaign, ensuring continuity.

Moore concluded his article by stating that with Harris as the incumbent President, there would be minimal conflict at the convention, and Biden’s supporters would likely rally behind Harris. This transition, he believes, would stabilize the Democratic campaign and provide a more viable candidate for the upcoming election.