Watters: Gag Order Means Leftist Media Controls Information About Trump Trial

Fox News host Jesse Watters is once again calling out the blatantly unconstitutional gag order imposed on former president and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, pointing out how unprecedented the move is — especially because Trump’s adversaries in the legal battle are allowed to continue smearing him in the media while he is not allowed to respond.

Declaring it to be the “trial of the century,” Watters pointed out that this was “day six” of the trial, yet the Democrats “still haven’t named” the underlying crime that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is using to elevate a misdemeanor to a felony.

The Fox News host then noted that the Democrats are calling it a “hush money” trial, but Americans know it is a “shakedown.”

“Trump’s free speech went on trial today,” Watters said. “Democrat prosecutors want the former president fined for talking — $1000 a pop. Something tells me that won’t make it stop. Bragg’s begging the judge to gag the Republican nominee for president from talking about the prosecutor, complaining he did it right here in the hallway outside. Oh, no!”

He went on to explain that this “unconstitutional” gag order preventing Trump from defending himself in the media amid a contentious presidential election season is essentially designed to give Democrats control over what information Americans hear about the trial, effectively benefiting Trump’s likely 2024 rival, President Joe Biden.

Watters pointed out that there are no cameras allowed in the courtroom and Trump is not allowed to talk about many aspects of the case, meaning that Americans will “have to trust what the reporters in the room say” about the trial — many of whom are vehemently anti-Trump and have been all too happy to twist the facts to make the GOP nominee look bad.

“Trump’s gagged and there’s no cameras, so voters have to trust what the reporters in the room say… The same reporters who pushed the Russia, laptop, and lab leak hoaxes. Biden’s fingerprints are all over this, as we learn Trump’s team is accusing the White House of not just being privy to the classified document case against Trump — but being the driving force behind it,” Watters wrote, sharing a clip of his show on X.

Trump made similar allegations about Biden and his team being behind the trial while speaking with reporters outside the courthouse last week, arguing that his likely 2024 opponent was “in charge” of the New York City hush money trial — arguing that Biden’s “top people are here, working with the DA’s office to make sure everything goes right.”

Prosecutors have already accused Trump of violating the gag order and have demanded that the biased judge in the case, Juan Merchan, impose a punishment for his actions. One such instance of a supposed violation involved Watters, as prosecutors claim that Trump sharing a quote from the Fox News host on social media amounts to violating the gag order.

The quote read: “They are catching undercover Liberal Activists lying to the Judge in order to get on the Trump Jury.”

This is an objective fact. One example was a juror who had already been sworn in by Merchan, who successfully hid the fact that he had previously been arrested for vandalizing right-wing political fliers in the past. He has since been dismissed from the trial after his past crimes were uncovered.

None of this is shocking, however, as nearly every aspect of this trial and nearly every individual involved in the case has been proven to be biased — including the judge, who has refused to recuse himself despite clear conflicts of interest, especially the fact that his daughter runs a Democrat campaign firm whose clients have profited off of the case.

Thus, there is absolutely no chance of a fair trial in this case, meaning that even if the gag order is ultimately declared unconstitutional, Trump still has little-to-no chance of victory in the case until he can appeal.