Wray Testimony Directly Contradicts Sworn Statements Before Congress

FBI Director Christopher Wray is on record claiming he was unaware of a confidential human source’s (CHS) assertion that the Bidens were bribed by Ukrainian energy firm Burisma until well after the 2020 election.

However, his Tuesday testimony before Congress does not align with earlier sworn statements given by whistleblowers and the U.S. Attorney from Pittsburgh.

In light of this contradiction, his testimony was not truthful or those probing the Hunter Biden case concealed evidence. One of these two possibilities is almost certainly the truth.

It was June 2020, months before the last presidential election, when the “highly credible” CHS revealed concerns that the Biden family was involved in a bribery scheme. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Pittsburgh was probing Ukrainian corruption at the behest of AG William Barr.

The review led to charges from a CHS concerning Hunter Biden and his time on the Burisma board of directors.

This evidence was released in July by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). It involved a FD-1023 form that alleged both Joe and Hunter Biden were paid $5 million each as bribes for protecting Burisma from legal entanglements.

It was June when Wray told lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI was “absolutely not” protecting the Biden family.

Of course, in the same sitting he claimed the bureau is not biased against conservatives and denied any and all politicization within. This despite testimony from multiple whistleblowers that the agency has been weaponized by the Biden administration.

All it takes is a cursory glance at the way the FBI is handling the probe into former President Donald Trump to see the glaring double standard in place.

The question of protecting the first family came from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

The Republican noted evidence that Joe Biden was indeed involved in his son’s apparently shady business dealings, including a message in which Hunter Biden warned that his father would “hold a grudge” if his instructions were not followed.

Gaetz followed this display by observing that Wray appeared to be “deeply uncurious about it. Almost suspiciously uncurious.”

The FBI head of course denied this, asserting the bureau “has no interest…in protecting anyone politically.” Whether through ignorance or dishonesty, it is difficult to reconcile Wray having no knowledge of this bombshell evidence.