Wisconsin Democrats Want To Provide Illegal Immigrants With Licenses

The far left is trying to redefine the law in Wisconsin by providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, likely creating chaos on the state’s streets.

Although Democrats consistently find ways to benefit unlawful migrants, the recent push to provide such individuals with licenses comes after the Democrat-run board of supervisors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, passed a resolution calling for the licensing of illegal immigrants.

Leftist outlets, such as ProPublica, claimed there was “growing support” for the measure.

American Greatness pointed out that the campaign to provide illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses is being actively pushed by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) and an advocacy group called “Voces de La Frontera,” which has funded millions of dollars to leftist organizations, such as the Rockefeller Family Fund, Tides Foundation and Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The pro-immigration advocacy group boasted that Evers has proposed to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and identification cards.

“Evers included restoring state driver licenses and IDs to immigrants twice in his two-year state budget proposals,” the group said.

The left’s plan to issue licenses for illegal immigrants isn’t just to allow such individuals to work and purchase groceries but rather to pressure Congress into granting them amnesty as a permanent underclass of documented “undocumented immigrants” that are encouraged to remain in the U.S. for the remainder of their lives, according to American Greatness.

In a demonstration of Democrats’ disregard for the law, President Joe Biden, Evers and many other prominent leftists have spoken out against deporting illegal immigrants who drive drunk.

Democrats in Congress recently voted against a common sense bill to deport unlawful migrants stopped by law enforcement for drunk driving. In the days following the vote, an illegal immigrant killed an American while driving under the influence of alcohol in Rusk County, Wisconsin.

Despite the tragic incident, Democrats are keen on protecting illegal immigrants instead of Americans.

“Day in and day out, we see the tragic consequences of illegal immigration in America, and now, some Democrats want to give illegal aliens the right to drive on our roads,” Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI) told Restoration News. “They already broke the law by entering our country illegally; they shouldn’t be rewarded with a driver’s license. What next, voting rights?”