WAPO, NY Times To Keep Fraudulent Pulitzer Prize

In 2018, The Washington Post and The New York Times were wrongly awarded the highest recognition in print journalism: the Pulitzer Prize. The award they received was for promoting allegations of Trump-Russia collusion that have since been thoroughly discredited. A recent 316-page report by Justice Department special counsel John Durham has debunked every aspect of the Russia collusion claims.

One would expect these major news organizations to address the situation and attempt to mitigate the damage caused by their politically-motivated smear campaign. However, it is unsurprising that both The New York Times and The Washington Post continue to support their false reporting.

When questioned about the impact of the Durham report on The New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize, Charlie Stadtlander simply responded with a straightforward “No.” Likewise, Jennifer Lee, a spokeswoman for The Washington Post, stated that the paper “stands by its reporting.” 

During a discussion on “America’s Newsroom,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) argued that the Pulitzer Prize awarded to The Washington Post and The New York Times in 2018 should be rescinded in light of John Durham’s final report on the probe. 

Senator Graham stated, “The FBI ran every stop sign available, kept pushing a warrant against an American citizen based on a Steele dossier that was a piece of fiction. The Pulitzer Prize given to The Washington Post and New York Times should be taken back because the entire episode was politically motivated crap. That’s not something you should get a Pulitzer Prize for.”

In an era where trust in the media is already at an all-time low, it is disconcerting to witness such a bold endorsement of promoting false narratives. The Durham investigation closely follows a scathing report by the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), which has shed light on The New York Times’ coverage of the Trump-Russia saga. The CJR, an esteemed publication of the renowned journalism school, conducted an extensive 18-month investigation into the media’s reporting on Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. While the report criticized the media as a whole, author Jeff Gerth expressed strong disapproval specifically towards The New York Times.

These organizations can hold onto as many awards as they like, but without the trust of the public, those accolades hold no value. Ultimately, their actions continue to cause a sharp decrease in trust, which, in my opinion, is long overdue.