US Voters Say Border Crisis Is ‘Invasion,’ Judges Disagree

American voters are not fooled by President Joe Biden’s rhetoric or the sleight of hand of flying illegal migrants into the heartland and avoiding the border. Poll after poll shows the self-inflicted crisis is considered an invasion and will be a critical issue in the presidential election.

The same cannot be said for the courts, which are taking a decidedly different view.

The deluge of illegal migrants and drugs into the U.S. is consistently determined to be part of border issues going on for decades. This instead of a quasi-military action as deemed by the Constitution.

States increasingly argue that they are withstanding an invasion and must protect their borders as such. Texas leads the way by erecting barriers and implementing laws against the presence of illegals.

If designated as a constitutional invasion, states would have the unquestioned ability to defend themselves accordingly.

But millions of illegals from all corners of the globe do not constitute this action, according to several recent decisions. An example is federal Judge David Alan Ezra’s statement last week that the Founding Fathers would not consider the current situation in Texas as an invasion.

Ezra wrote, “Texas’s new interpretation of its power to protect itself against alleged invasions goes far beyond the original and natural meaning of ‘invasion’ and incurably exceeds the power granted to the states by our Founding Fathers.”

Democrats are also firmly against designating the unprecedented deluge as what it obviously is.

In California, where the left is obviously in the majority, an attempt to label the border crisis was thwarted by Democrats. State Sen. Alex Padilla smeared Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for “cruelty and lawlessness” for attempting to stem the mass of humanity from pouring into his state.

Liberal extremists welcome this ripping apart of the American social fabric. But an invasion that is perpetuated by a faction of the country that hates itself is still an invasion.