UCLA Students Face Antisemitism In Campus ‘Jew Exclusion Zone’

Beckett Law, a group advocating for religious freedom, has taken up the case of three Jewish students at UCLA who allege that they have been subjected to antisemitism following the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel. The students, represented by Beckett Law and Clement & Murphy, PLLC, claim they were barred from certain areas of the campus by pro-Hamas/anti-Israel protesters.

In the lawsuit, Frankel v. The Regents of the University of California, the plaintiffs describe how protesters established barricades on the Los Angeles campus, creating what they call a “Jewish Exclusion Zone.” According to Beckett Law, the protesters linked arms to prevent Jewish students from accessing popular campus areas and imposed ideological tests, issuing wristbands to those deemed sufficiently anti-Israel to allow them to pass through the “checkpoints.”

Jewish students were reportedly harassed and assaulted. For instance, law student Yitzchok Frankel had to find alternate routes to his classes, sophomore Joshua Ghayoum missed classes and study sessions due to the zone, and Eden Shemuelian struggled to reach her final exams amidst the chaos.

Mark Rienzi, president and CEO of Beckett, condemned the university’s handling of the situation, stating, “If masked agitators had excluded any other marginalized group at UCLA, Governor Newsom rightly would have sent in the National Guard immediately. But UCLA instead caved to the anti-Semitic activists and allowed its Jewish students to be segregated from the heart of their own campus.”

The lawsuit seeks to hold UCLA accountable for allowing such antisemitic actions and aims to prevent similar incidents in the future. Beckett Law highlights the emotional and educational harm suffered by the plaintiffs due to these events.

It’s disturbing to think that in 2024, students might need to check the weather and their ethnicity before heading to class, lest they get caught in a ‘storm’ of prejudice.