Tulsi Gabbard Claims Deep State Aims To Destroy Trump To Maintain Control

In a recent interview on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard accused the deep state of attempting to destroy President Donald Trump to preserve their power. Gabbard’s remarks came in the context of discussions about the Democratic Party potentially replacing President Joe Biden as their 2024 nominee.

Gabbard criticized the Democratic primary process, noting, “They didn’t really have a Democratic primary at all.” She highlighted the internal debates among Democrats over Biden’s future, suggesting their primary concern is retaining power rather than loyalty to Biden or the nation’s welfare. “They are trying to figure out is Joe Biden that winning horse or do they need to put him out to pasture and find someone else that they believe can win,” she said.

She further argued that Biden’s presidency is controlled by unelected officials and influential sectors, including the military-industrial complex and the national security state. Gabbard claimed these groups use Biden as a puppet to maintain their influence. “It’s those who are in unelected positions, political figures, the military-industrial complex, the national security state, their friends in the propaganda media, everyone who gets their power by knowing that they can control this figurehead,” she stated.

Gabbard suggested that these powerful entities are determined to undermine Trump because they fear he will reveal and dismantle their control. “They know that he will expose them and dismantle their power,” she said, asserting that this is the reason for their aggressive actions against him.

The recent debate between Biden and Trump intensified these discussions, with many Democratic pundits questioning Biden’s capability following his poor performance. Biden’s gaffes and apparent confusion during the debate led to significant criticism, and a CBS/YouGov poll showed that 72% of voters believe Biden is not mentally or cognitively fit to serve another term.

Gabbard’s comments resonate with a faction of conservatives who view Trump as a threat to entrenched powers in Washington. As the debate about Biden’s candidacy unfolds, the issue of who truly controls the levers of power in the government remains a critical and contentious topic.