Trump Rallies The Religious Community Against Radical Democrats

Donald Trump is urging members of the faith-based community to rally behind his campaign for a second presidential term in order to fight radical leftists within the United States.

Speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention Thursday night in Nashville, Trump stated that left-wing extremists seek to “tear down crosses where they can, and cover them up with social justice flags.”

Calling out the Democratic party’s thinly veiled acceptance of radical ideologies, Trump further lambasted the anti-freedom activists protected under their leadership. “Our country is being destroyed by a radical left political class that has gone communist, Marxist — and even fascist,” the former president said.

These same Marxist agitators tend to espouse an anti-God ideology as an echo of their communist ideals. Instead of belief in a higher power that supports traditional Judeo-Christian morality, atheism and agnosticism permeate their ranks.

This has led to the spread of opinions in the Democratic party that are at odds with the religious community and the values that have existed in the United States since its founding. Churches are threatened with the potential for discrimination lawsuits and losing their tax exempt status. Religious-minded people also face opposition in the workplace and in educational institutions across the nation as policies are written by activists under the name of “inclusivity” that is actually, in practice, a code for suppressing conservatives.

Although Donald Trump’s own religiousness has been questioned by critics, the former president identifies as a non-denominational Christian. Having lived a fast-paced life as a businessman and known to have had extra-marital affairs, there are some who doubt his sincerity as a true defender of the faith. His position on abortion has also left some on the right with a bad taste in their mouths, as they feel his views are not pro-life enough.

However, Donald Trump’s political track record starkly contrasts with the doubts of naysayers. It was through fulfilling his promise to nominate conservative justices to the Supreme Court that the way was paved for overturning the 1973 Roe V. Wade ruling that made abortion a constitutional right for the last 50 years.

And in a win for both Christians and Jews, he was the first president to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. embassy there, a highly symbolic step seen as controversial but received with great appreciation from Israel and its friends.

Although doubts and speculation exist concerning Trump’s personal spirituality, his rhetoric answers the concerns of religious conservatives. He cites the power of God and its necessity in our culture and has shown willingness to support the causes of the faith-based community. Regardless of where his personal relationship with God may stand, his actions have given comfort to his religious supporters who in turn are continuing to support him.