Trump Polling 20 Points Above Struggling DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump continues to gain in polls against all other Republicans running for president in 2024. The most recent Marquette Law School poll in September shows Trump gaining 10 points over the previous survey with registered Republicans and independents who lean right. Since the previous survey in July, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has lost 10% of support. Other Republican candidates are well behind the front-runners, none of whom are polling above 10% with Republicans.

The poll shows that Trump and President Joe Biden are in a near-dead heat. Trump is polling at 51% among all voters against 48% for Biden. Among voters who are certain to vote, the numbers are reversed with Biden leading Trump 51% to 48%. 

The poll shows that voters are more inclined to believe that Trump has better policy decisions regarding the economy, inflation, creating jobs, foreign affairs, and immigration. Biden leads on climate change, medicare, and abortion rights. 

Respondents to the poll said that neither Trump nor Biden understand the problems of ordinary Americans. The poll asked people how well a series of statements applied to the candidates. A total of 53% said that Biden is too old to be president. Twenty-nine percent said that the statement “has acted corruptly” fit Biden “very well,” while 44% responded that the statement fit Trump.   

Both candidates are dealing with allegations of corrupt behavior. Trump is facing numerous charges in New York and Georgia over his role on January 6 and business dealings. Prosecutors allege that Trump lied about the value of his property to attain loans. 

Biden is not facing lawsuits yet, but investigations by the House of Representatives are getting closer to understanding the role Biden played while vice president and how he used his position to benefit his son, Hunter. Hunter was given a position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company despite having no experience or knowledge of the industry. It is believed that Hunter got the position in order to open up channels between the company and then-Vice President Biden. 

Respondents were divided along partisan lines when asked to rate their confidence in the Department of Justice. Republicans and Independent voters reported having little to no confidence in the Department, while Democrats have a more favorable view.

The survey also asked respondents about their views on the economy. Republicans and independent voters by and large hold negative views on the economy, while Democrats believe that things are going well despite near-constant news stories about inflation indicating a serious economic problem. 

The poll shows that Biden and Trump continue to lead the field of candidates and that the election will be close unless significant changes in voter opinions happen over the next 13 months.