Trump Nominated Again For Nobel Peace Prize

Former President Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY). The honor came within days of three U.S. soldiers being killed in a drone strike carried out by Iranian proxy forces.

Tenney nominated the 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner for his role in the historic Abraham Accords.

In a statement, the congresswoman noted that “Donald Trump was instrumental in facilitating the first new peace agreements in the Middle East in almost 30 years. Despite “expert” opinions that such deals were impossible, “President Trump proved that to be false.”

Tenney described his work toward the accords as “unprecedented” and the reason she honored him with the nomination.

She further observed that his efforts toward global peace are “unrecognized” by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. Tenney said that made her action even more important.

The Republican juxtaposed Trump’s diplomatic success with the current weakness displayed by President Joe Biden. In this light, she said, “we must recognize Trump for his strong leadership and his efforts to achieve world peace.”

The Nobel Prize has a history of being awarded to those who broker peace in the volatile Middle East. But Trump has thus far been shunned.

Tenney observed it was given in the aftermath of the accord between Israel and Egypt in 1978 and then following the Oslo Accords in 1994. But Trump remains on the outside after reaching a historic agreement between Israel and four of its neighboring countries.

Economic and diplomatic relations were normalized between all.

The representative is not the first to put Trump up for the prestigious honor. He was nominated following the success of the Abraham Accords multiple times only to be ignored.

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a Norwegian parliamentarian, nominated the 45th president in 2020 for his accomplishments in the Middle East.

A short time later, MEP and Swedish Finns Party member Laura Huhtasaari nominated Trump “in recognition for his endeavors to end the era of endless wars [and] construct peace by encouraging conflicting parties for dialogue and negotiations.”

That second nomination followed Trump helping broker an economic relations deal between Serbia and Kosovo.

He was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 by a group of Australian lawmakers.