Trump Fires Back At Comey’s ‘Lies’ In Wake Of Hush Money Trial Comments

Former President Donald Trump isn’t holding back in his criticism of ex-FBI Director James Comey who recently suggested that prosecutors have a strong case against Trump in the ongoing hush money trial. In a blistering Truth Social post on Friday, Trump accused Comey of “spreading LIES” and being part of a “Crooked [President Biden] inspired Witch Hunt.”

Trump’s ire was sparked by Comey’s comments to NewsNation’s Dan Abrams where the former FBI director said he was surprised by the strength of the case against the former president. “There’s an overwhelming chance of a conviction, a significant but much smaller chance of a hung jury and zero chance of an acquittal,” Comey told Abrams.

The former president fired back, calling Comey “The Worst FBI Director in History” and urging people to read the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report detailing “all the Horrors of Comey.” Trump also questioned Comey’s respect for the justice system, arguing that if he truly cared, he would be fighting against the “Witch Hunts” instead of spreading lies.

Trump is currently facing 34 counts of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment made by his former attorney Michael Cohen to an adult film star before the 2016 election. The former president denies any wrongdoing and has called the charges politically motivated.

As the trial nears its conclusion with closing statements set for Tuesday, followed by jury deliberation, the war of words between Trump and his critics shows no signs of slowing down.