Trump Blasts Biden Over Political Jan. 6 Speech

Former President Donald Trump recently blasted President Joe Biden for giving a political speech reflecting on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol protests and attacking the former president and his supporters.

During a campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa, days before the Iowa caucuses, the former president responded to Biden’s event, where the president focused on Jan. 6 and praised the justice system for unlawfully prosecuting Trump supporters while calling the former president a “loser.”

While speaking in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Biden celebrated that a bulk of the Jan. 6 protesters have received massive sentences, totaling over 840 years in prison.

“What’s Trump done? Instead of calling them criminals, he’s called them insurrectionists ‘patriots’ … and he promised to pardon them if he returns to office,” Biden said.

Further demonstrating the left’s obsession with Jan. 6 is the fact that Biden’s first 2024 presidential advertisement was focused on Trump and the events of that day.

Responding to Biden’s remarks, Trump called the president’s speech a “pathetic fearmongering campaign event,” adding that “Joe Biden’s record is an unbroken streak of weakness, incompetence, corruption and failure.”

Considering that Biden consistently refers to Trump and the former president’s supporters as a “threat to Democracy,” Trump told Fox News that the president and his administration are the “true threat to democracy.”

“Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of the United States — he is incompetent, he is crooked, and in many respects, he is Benedict Arnold,” the former president said. “He is destroying our country like no one else has done before.”

Trump was also asked to comment on Biden’s claim that he supported “insurrectionists” on Jan. 6 and in the days following.

“The only insurrection is the insurrection that is taking place at our border where he is allowing millions of people from parts unknown to invade our country at a level far worse than even a military invasion,” Trump said.

Trump, the GOP frontrunner for the presidential nomination, has been indicted four times by radical leftist prosecutors on charges stemming from his alleged falsification of business records, hoarding of classified documents and attempts to “overturn” the 2020 presidential election.