The View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin Slams Charlamagne Tha God For Not Endorsing Biden

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin criticized radio host Charlamagne tha God for his refusal to endorse President Joe Biden while dismissing both Biden and former President Donald Trump as “trash” candidates during an appearance on the show Wednesday.

“It’s not the time to step back, Charlamagne. It’s not the time to sit this one out. It’s not the time to take your ball and go home. So I’m disappointed,” Hostin said on “The View: Behind the Table” podcast following Charlamagne’s interview.

Hostin argued that Charlamagne, who commands a large audience through his “Breakfast Club” show, was being “irresponsible” by equating Biden with Trump. She stressed the gravity of the upcoming election, suggesting Charlamagne’s stance could fuel “voter apathy.”

“He is going to vote for Joe Biden. Then say it, don’t dance around it,” Hostin insisted, claiming Charlamagne was skirting an endorsement despite acknowledging Trump’s alleged threats to democracy.

During his appearance, Charlamagne pushed back against accusations of “sitting out” the election, asserting his right to withhold an endorsement. He implied his likely vote for Biden based on concerns about Trump but maintained his right to criticize both candidates.

Speaking with Megyn Kelly, Charlamagne described the pushback he faced on “The View” as the “strangest thing ever,” noting Whoopi Goldberg’s warning against mentioning third-party candidates. The incident underscores the high stakes and divisiveness surrounding the 2024 presidential race.