The University Of Florida Fires All DEI Staff

Florida is where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goes to die. In accordance with the Sunshine State’s new law, the University of Florida has fired all employees in its DEI department and the resulting $5 million will be budgeted for faculty recruitment.

The law in question was signed last May by Gov. DeSantis and prohibits state or federal funding for DEI in all public education in Florida. “We are going to treat people as individuals, we’re not going to treat people as members of groups,” DeSantis said at a press conference when he signed the bill.

At a CNN town hall, DeSantis mocked DEI as “discrimination, exclusion and indoctrination.”

The law was motivated by flagrant misrepresentations the University of Florida provided to the governor in a mandated report on its DEI programs. The university claimed only 30 DEI initiatives at taxpayer expense, when in fact the number was more than 1,000. This included a “Chief Diversity Officer” at a salary of more than $1 million annually.

Some of the 1000 DEI initiatives included “legacies of slavery and oppression,” “decolonizing the curriculum” and “gender pronouns initiative.”

There is a very thick irony in Democrat opposition to the death of DEI — as the precise wording of their objections could be mistaken for opposition to DEI itself.

Florida Rep. Dianne Hart (D) said in a prepared statement: “We have in turn created an education system that is built off lies, falsehoods, and deceptive history. We can’t call ourselves the ‘free State of Florida’ when children aren’t free to learn the truth of their history, and see the diversity of humanity.”

This exact statement could have been given by a conservative in objection to the Afro-centric, “Whites have no culture” content that has poisoned woke-influenced history courses.

The public’s appetite for DEI nonsense has waned considerably, and even some proponents are not surprised at the backlash. Kim Crayton, a self-described “anti-racist” economist, characterized DEI in an LA Times interview as “corporate blackface.” She went on to state: “White guilt isn’t going to last.”

The fad of DEI is indeed running its course, as corporate America is also backpedaling from DEI initiatives nationwide.

The Anheuser Busch Brewery discovered the public’s distaste for forced diversity in 2023. The debacle of its marketing campaign with gender-dysphoric influencer Dylan Mulvaney caused sales of Bud Light to plummet. Additionally, movie audiences are not buying into the culture of race and gender swapping that has infested beloved franchises such as Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr. Who. More specifically, they are not buying tickets and streaming subscriptions.