Taylor Lorenz Claims New York Times Is ‘Right Wing’

Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz claimed Monday that her former employer, The New York Times, favors “right wing opinions.”

According to the infamous journalist who covers technology and online culture, her opinions on harassment and doxxing were banned by the newspaper giant because they were “left wing opinions.”

“Anyone who’s worked as a journalist at the NYT knows that journalists there are absolutely allowed to loudly espouse political opinions, you just have to espouse the *right* political opinions,” she wrote in a post on Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads app. “Right wing opinions are fine, left wing opinions are not.”

In another post on Threads, Lorenz wrote that “at the NYT I wasn’t allowed to express the ‘opinion’ that online harassment was a bad thing, in the midst of having my entire family harassed and doxxed. I also once had to delete a tweet where I said I don’t like living in America lol. But saying ‘wokes’ are taking over campus is totally fine in their book.”

Lorenz’s accusations about the newspaper are ironic, considering that The Times has been a left-leaning publication. According to a poll conducted in 2018 by Business Insider, more Democrats rated The Times as a trustworthy news source, while Republicans rated it poorly due to liberal bias.

Even without knowing about the poll, many Americans know that The Times has always been a liberal newspaper.

Lorenz’s comments about The Times’ right-wing ideology had many X users going to the social media platform to respond to her claims.

Fellow former Times journalist Adam Rubenstein questioned Lorenz’s claims, suggesting she “lives in an alternate reality.”

Others took to X to call out the journalist’s hypocritical behavior. One user reminded Lorenz of her stalking Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik, whose identity was made public by the journalist. This incident occurred just weeks after Lorenz broke down crying in an interview due to being harassed online.

Lorenz has not provided any evidence to support her claim, possibly because even she knows deep down that her statement has no merit. After all, it is hard to believe that a newspaper that has endorsed every Democratic presidential candidate since the 1960s runs on conservative opinions.