Sunny Hostin’s Outrageous Claim: Black Conservatives Are Like ‘Unicorns’

ABC’s “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin has once again sparked controversy with her latest ignorant rant, this time claiming that black conservatives are as mythical as unicorns.

During Friday’s episode, the ladies of the show were in a tizzy over Republican Rep. Byron Donalds’ (FL) recent comments about black America under Jim Crow, with Hostin declaring that believing in the existence of black conservatives is akin to believing in the existence of the fabled horned creatures.

The discussion began with Joy Behar questioning whether Donalds was simply pandering or if he was truly unaware of the history of black Americans’ struggles. Ana Navarro chimed in, emphasizing the importance of appreciating the fights, marches and sacrifices that paved the way for Donalds’ opportunities, such as his ability to vote, serve in Congress and marry his white wife, Erica, which would have been illegal in Florida until 1969 under Jim Crow laws.

However, it was Hostin’s comments that truly showcased her narrow-minded perspective. She expressed disbelief at the notion of a room full of black Republicans, asking, “Where are they?” Hostin cited statistics claiming that 81 percent of black men and over 95 percent of black women are part of the Democratic Party, suggesting that the black men Donalds spoke with were as rare as unicorns.

What Hostin fails to grasp is that while the majority of black Americans align with the Democratic Party, this does not negate the existence of black conservatives. Her logic is flawed, as even if 95 percent of black women are Democrats, that still leaves a potential 5 percent who hold different political views. The same applies to the 81 percent figure she quoted for black men.

Hostin’s comments are not only ignorant but also dismissive of the diverse perspectives within the black community. By likening black conservatives to mythical creatures, she effectively erases their existence and invalidates their political beliefs. It is a disservice to the ongoing discourse surrounding race and politics in America.

As a public figure with a platform to influence opinions, Hostin should strive for a more inclusive and nuanced understanding of the complexities within the black community. Her outrageous claim only serves to further divide and polarize, rather than foster meaningful dialogue and understanding.