Squad’ Members Omar And Bush Confuse Memorial Day With Veterans Day, Delete Tweets After Backlash

Leftist members of Congress Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Cori Bush (D-MO) are taking a lot of criticism and ridicule on social media after posting tweets that seem to indicate they don’t know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. The two seem to agree with the appearance of things, as they quickly deleted their posts acter the mixup was brought to their attention.

In her now-deleted tweet, Omar wrote, “On #MemorialDay, we honor the heroic men and women who served our country. We owe them more than our gratitude – they have more than earned access to quality mental health services, job opportunities, housing assistance, and the benefits they were promised.”

Similarly, Bush tweeted, “This #MemorialDay & every day, we honor our veterans in St. Louis. We must invest in universal health care, affordable housing, comprehensive mental health services, and education & economic opportunities for our veterans as we work to build a world free of war and violence.”

Critics were quick to point out that Memorial Day is meant to honor fallen soldiers, not living veterans, who are celebrated on Veterans Day. “Ilhan Omar also deleted her tweet where she confused Veterans Day with Memorial Day. I guess she realized you can’t give jobs and housing to dead servicemembers who gave their lives for our country,” tweeted the popular “Libs of TikTok” account.

Following the backlash, both Omar and Bush posted new messages more appropriate for the holiday. “On Memorial Day, let’s say thank you to the brave men and women who selflessly sacrificed their lives in service to our country,” Omar wrote on a different account.