Sergeant At Arms Threatens Fine Over Video Of Democrats Waving Ukraine Flags

The House Sergeant at Arms has threatened to impose a fine on a congressman in the aftermath of the House Democrats’ shocking decision to proudly wave the Ukrainian flag on the House floor — but instead of punishing the people who disrespected the American people, he is trying to punish Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) for sharing a video of the un-American display.

On Saturday, Massie posted a video of the Democrats waving the flags on X, formerly known as Twitter, after they voted to send more of Americans’ hard-earned tax money to fund the corrupt Ukraine government’s war with Russia. After the measure passed, Democrats passed out tiny Ukraine flags and began waving them and chanting “Ukraine!”

“This is the U.S. House of Representatives under the direction of Speaker Mike Johnson. Democrats are celebrating his total capitulation with no victory for securing our border,” Massie wrote in the video’s caption.

In an April 23 post, Massie revealed that he had been threatened with a fine by the House Sergeant at Arms if he does not remove the video.

“Instead of fining democrats for waving flags, the House Sergeant at Arms just called and said I will be fined $500 if I don’t delete this video post. Mike Johnson really wants to memory hole this betrayal of America,” he wrote.

Massie later replied to a comment from X owner Elon Musk, who asked him if lawmakers can actually be fined for posting videos.

He pointed out that there is nothing in the rules “that gives them the authority to demand I remove a video from my congressional account, but they are.”

Massie noted that there are fines for “taking pictures/videos on the House floor” — but there is no proof as to who actually took the video. He further pointed to the clear double standard in enforcing this rule — explaining that Democrats “post from the floor frequently,” sharing an example from the same day of a picture posted by Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) of himself smiling on the House floor holding his Ukrainian flag.

“I believe to be fined, they have to serve you notice on the floor while it’s happening (that’s how I was fined for not wearing a mask),” Massie continued. “Seems a bit creepy that the Sergeant at Arms would be on my X account three days later looking for an infraction. And how would deleting the video undo my alleged infraction of filming on the House floor? (It wouldn’t) The uniparty is big mad at me for exposing them on several votes and for asking the Speaker to resign. The Speaker, his staff, or one of his allies in our conference is probably directing the Sergeant at Arms to do this.”

While House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has since blocked the penalty from being enforced on Massie, conservatives are still outraged that it was even threatened in the first place — pointing out that the only people who should be penalized are the Democrats who disrespected their constituents. Like Massie, many argued that it appears Johnson and the Sergeant at Arms wanted to memory-hole the fact that he betrayed his constituents and broke his past promises by bringing the Ukraine aid package to a vote without first securing the border.