Senate Bill Gives Ukraine 75 Times As Much Funding As Border Wall Cost

The supposedly “bipartisan” Senate border bill, which has been deemed a “betrayal” by border security advocates, would provide 75 times more funding for the Ukraine war than for the border wall — prompting outrage from conservatives.

The border security bill is just another example of Congress falsely framing legislation, with entrepreneur David Sacks pointing out a pattern of lawmakers purposely obfuscating their intentions when naming legislation.

“The Inflation Reduction Act was actually a trillion dollar spending bill. The border security bill is actually a mass amnesty. Just assume bills do the opposite of what they say,” he wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

However, the bill is even worse than Sacks explained, as it barely funds border-related issues at all compared to the rest of the funding that was snuck in by Democrats and pro-war Republicans. According to Breitbart News, the bill “would provide a measly $650 million to continue building a border wall at the United States-Mexico border” while giving Ukraine $60 billion in American taxpayer money.

The measure will continue to fund Ukraine in its losing battle against Russian invasion, while barely addressing the invasion at the United States’ southern border.

The office of Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), who was one of the negotiators on the bill, noted in a press release that the legislation would spend just $650 million “to build and reinforce miles and miles of new border wall” — which is barely enough money to build a few dozen miles of border wall.

Meanwhile, it gives 75 times more funding for the Ukraine war — a staggering $60 billion. According to the Daily Wire, the bill allocates “$60 billion for Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel, $10 billion for global humanitarian aid, and $20 billion for measures related to the southern border.”

All of the border-related items in the bill combined are still worth just one-third of the funding for Ukraine alone.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) has vowed to not even bring the measure to the floor for a vote due to its complete failure to address border security.

“I’ve seen enough. This bill is even worse than we expected, and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the President has created. As the lead Democrat negotiator proclaimed: Under this legislation, ‘the border never closes.’ If this bill reaches the House, it will be dead on arrival,” he declared in a post on X.

“Among its many flaws, the bill expands work authorizations for illegal aliens while failing to include critical asylum reforms. Even worse, its language allowing illegals to be ‘released from physical custody’ would effectively endorse the Biden ‘catch and release’ policy. The so-called ‘shutdown’ authority in the bill is anything but, riddled with loopholes that grant far too much discretionary authority to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – who has proven he will exploit every measure possible, in defiance of the law, to keep the border open,” Johnson explained in another lengthy post.

“Any consideration of this Senate bill in its current form is a waste of time. It is DEAD on arrival in the House. We encourage the U.S. Senate to reject it,” he added.