Sen. Lankford Attacks Elon Musk Over Border Security Bill

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), the lead GOP negotiator for the Senate’s border security bill, responded to Elon Musk’s criticism of the proposal by telling Musk he should focus on the millions of Teslas being recalled instead.

CNN’s Jake Tapper was interviewing Lankford about the legislation when he brought up the claim that Musk made on Twitter.

“Here’s a claim being circulated on Twitter by Elon Musk,” Tapper began, quoting Musk’s post. “The long-term goal of the so-called ‘Border Security’ bill is enabling illegals to vote! It will do the total opposite of securing the border.”

Lankford both rejected Musk’s assertion that the bill would enable illegal aliens to vote and also challenged Musk to focus on his issues rather than speaking out about a topic he does not understand.

“I think he needs to go back to doing the 2 million Teslas that are currently being recalled right now to be able to focus on that,” Lankford said. “No, it’s not focused on trying to be able to get more illegals to vote. That’s absurd.”

Lankford has been defending the proposed bill since its text was released on Monday.

“People have got to be able to read it, go through it themselves. Don’t just go off of Facebook post somewhere what the bill says,” Lankford told Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade. “This dramatically changes asylum and dramatically changes deportations. We no longer have a 10-year backlog. It builds more wall.”

Many Republicans, however, have been vocal with their criticism.

House Speaker Mike Johnson warned that, even if the bill passes the Senate, it will be “dead on arrival” in the House.

“I cannot vote for this bill,” said Sen. John Barrasso (WY), the highest-ranking Senate Republican to endorse Trump for president this cycle. “Americans will turn to the upcoming election to end the border crisis.”

The vote for the Border Security Bill will take place on Wednesday, and Lankford does not believe it will pass the Senate.

“I would anticipate Wednesday the cloture vote does not pass,” Lankford said. “People are saying, ‘Hey, I need a lot more time to be able to go through this.'”