Sen. Graham Wants President Biden To Hit Iran Hard

In the wake of an attack that killed three U.S. soldiers who were stationed in Jordan, the wildly unpopular Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) implored President Joe Biden to respond decisively.

According to Graham, it should include direct attacks within Iran — an idea that has been pushed in some D.C. circles long before the tragic attack in Jordan. Appearing on the “Hannity” program on Wednesday, Graham took an aggressive posture, recommending military action inside their borders.

The South Carolina senator posited that the reason why attacks like this didn’t happen during the Trump administration is that Iran was “afraid of Donald Trump,” but they aren’t afraid of the Biden administration.

And while the U.S. has initiated targeted strikes on various militant groups that are backed by Iran, it hasn’t gone directly after Iran itself yet.

“The Iranians could care less how many Houthis you kill. They could care less about how many Iraqi militias you kill,” Graham said on the program. “The only way you will change their behavior … is for Joe Biden to hit their oil infrastructure and start killing their soldiers inside Iran.”

While Graham stopped short of calling for an all-out invasion of Iran, he did say Biden needs to “go to the source of the problem.”

On Thursday, CNN reported that U.S. intelligence officials said that they believe Iran was taken by surprise by the drone attack at the U.S. base in Jordan, suggesting that while the Islamic Resistance group that is backed by Iran was responsible for the attacks, Tehran might not have known about the plans before they were carried out.

The U.S. officials further said that leadership in Iran is becoming nervous that some of the proxy groups it supports in Yemen, Syria and Iraq are starting to act on their own.

The drone attack carried out over the weekend was one of more than 160 such attacks that have targeted U.S. military forces since Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel in early October, yet it’s the first one that resulted in the death of American soldiers.