Sen. Blackburn Blasts Democrats For Opposing CLEAR Act

The Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal (CLEAR) Act, sponsored by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), would delegate to state and local law enforcement the authority to arrest criminal illegal immigrants and work with Federal agencies to deport them. It was first introduced by Sen. Blackburn in 2007.

The bill is opposed unanimously by Democrats, which Sen. Blackburn regards as “blatantly disregarding Americans’ safety.”

It would grant states and municipalities “the inherent authority of a sovereign entity to investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest, detain, or transfer to Federal custody aliens in the United States.”

It would also cut Federal funding to “sanctuary cities” and jurisdictions that do not cooperate with Federal Immigration authorities. Former President Donald Trump enacted this policy for his Department of Justice (DOJ), but it was rescinded by President Biden.

Among its other provisions are requirements for agencies to share information that would aid in the identification and deportation of criminal illegal aliens. Specifically, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would need to update the DOJ on all immigrants who have been ordered to leave the U.S.

Additionally, state and local governments would be required to inform the DHS about illegal aliens in their jurisdictions. The DHS would, in turn, provide support in taking custody of illegal immigrants and deporting them.

Sen. Blackburn asserts that Biden’s “open border policies and refusal to enforce rules on the books have permitted lawlessness across the country.”

The reintroduction of the CLEAR Act comes on the heels of a series of high-profile murders committed by illegal aliens. Georgia nursing student Laken Riley was killed by a Venezuelan gang member who was in the U.S. illegally. A Maryland toddler named Jeremy Poou-Caceres was killed by a Salvadoran illegal immigrant in a shootout.

Many serious crimes, such as drunk driving, do not warrant deportation by the Biden Administration.

Many Americans deem Blackburn’s bill to be common sense. Centrists and swing voters find the Democratic opposition to the CLEAR Act appalling.

Increasingly, it appears that the Democrat’s real purpose is to erase American culture and way of life via mass unvetted immigration. One X user stated in support of Sen. Blackburn’s post: “They are intentionally making us a 3rd world nation. Sickening these people call themselves Americans.”