Sanders Endorses Biden And Won’t Seek 2024 Presidency

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced that he will not run for the presidency in 2024. The self-identified socialist also endorsed President Joe Biden, who launched his re-election campaign earlier this week.

In an interview, Sanders stated that America didn’t need a right-wing “demagogue” like former President Donald Trump, who is a threat to democracy by restricting women’s reproductive rights and overlooking gun violence and the discrimination of marginalized people. He then pledged to do “everything possible” to ensure Biden gets re-elected. 

Sanders also discouraged any other Democrats from challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2024. Sanders stated that he believes individuals will make their own choices, but he expects Biden to become the Democratic nominee.

He continued by saying it was his responsibility, along with that of the progressive socialist movement, to make sure Biden “advocates” for the working class and does not become complacent. This announcement comes at a time when the Democratic Party is grappling with an internal struggle between moderates and liberal extremists.

Sanders has long been a fanatic for socialist causes such as free universal healthcare, a higher minimum wage, and The Green New Deal. Despite Sanders’ misuse of the term “socialism,” he frequently cites Denmark and Sweden as examples of successful social democracies. 

However, the Prime Minister of Denmark has publicly stated Denmark is not a socialist country, but rather a market economy with a strong welfare state. In fact, Denmark consistently ranks as one of the world’s freest economies following recent policy changes that shifted away from socialism due to the negative impact it had on economic growth. 

And while Sanders may not be running for president, his backing of Biden means he will still be a major force among the Democratic Party’s far left. This announcement also comes as the Biden administration faces several key challenges, including the consequences of the forced government shutdowns, inflation, and the Ukrainian war.  

Sanders’ support is a signal to his followers that the Biden administration is just as radical about socialist ideals at the cost of the economy, and to achieve this, they must support the Democratic Party.