San Francisco Marks Easter Sunday By Denigrating Christianity

On the holiest day of the Christian calendar, San Francisco hosted a pageant of debauchery that mocked the most basic tenets of the faith. Costume contests were held to choose “Foxy Mary” and “Hunky Jesus” as the crowd cheered the contestants.

The vile Easter Sunday event was hosted by the infamous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who drew widespread condemnation of their mockery of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.

On the holy day, the SF Gate noted, “contestants dressed up as playful, lewd reinterpretations of Jesus and Mary, then took the stage to compete in between drag performances and dance routines.”

The outlet proudly named the winners as “Jesus Ken” and “our lady of the whores.” The first winner was decorated with packaging that lauded him as “Trailer Trash Jesus” and “Jesus Who Takes The Wheel,” among other even more offensive labels.

Tens of thousands of people flocked to San Francisco’s Dolores Park on Sunday for the celebration of evil.

One of the excited spectators was the infamous California state Sen. Scott Wiener. The Democrat told the audience, “Let’s hear it for triggering the right-wing extremists.”

Someone should inform Wiener that it does not take a right-wing extremist to find such displays offensive. All that is needed is to be a good and moral citizen with a sense of what is right and wrong.

The Easter Sunday festivities were lavishly praised by the SF Gate. “A spirited crowd, dressed in bunny ears, pastels and rainbows — and in some cases, nothing at all — voted for the victors with their cheers and applause.”

One contestant was adorned as “Miscarriage Mary.” She told the holy day gathering that she was “rewriting history so that Jesus never existed.”

The crowd erupted in applause.

A costume contest winner addressed the audience with a victory speech touching on several political causes. Among them was advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza and the legalization of adult work.

A group of men in onesies held up placards of a sign that when read together said, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”