Rhode Island Teacher Sounds Alarm On DHS Indoctrinating Students

A courageous Rhode Island high school teacher issued a warning over Biden’s Department of Homeland Security attempting to indoctrinate U.S. children.

Ramona Bessinger, an educator in Providence, called out the materials that supposedly instruct on “media literacy” and the struggle against “disinformation.” What she noted was a brazen attempt to foist left-wing ideology onto children under the guise of education.

The program infiltrating Rhode Island schools is called Courageous RI.

Bessinger wrote that she attended a 12-week online training funding through a DHS grant of more than $700,000. And while it was billed as “media literacy,” the actual program is far more insidious.

The training, according to Bessinger, was “hyper-focused” on former President Donald Trump. It taught the educators that the 45th president spawned “all social media and media disinformation” along with inspiring extremist violence.

It cited Jan. 6 while conveniently ignoring rampant cases of left-wing violence, including the Black Lives Matter riots.

Bessinger said that some teachers expressed concerns that many of their students would have opposing viewpoints. Organizers told them that these were examples of the “outer-group” and they need to be moved into the “inner-group.”

Specifically, these would be students who had favorable views of Trump. According to the indoctrination, they were merely “violent extremist MAGA Republicans in the making.”

The brave teacher noted that “at every juncture, Trump was attacked and used to make the point that ‘violent extremism’ and ‘disinformation’ were a result of ‘influencing entrepreneurs’ like Trump. When I asked for specific examples illustrating their point, none were forthcoming.”

The curriculum brazenly announced it targeted “Republican elites.” This group was accused by organizers of “utilizing conspiracy theories.”

Bessinger charged Courageous RI borrowed heavily from the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System. This was formed to collect warnings of potential terrorism and extremism, and the fear is that it will instead target disfavored political speech.

Experts observed that DHS had to shutter its highly controversial Disinformation Governance Board due to public criticism. However, the agency is obviously entrenched in the left-wing effort to stifle speech that counters the liberal narrative.

And they are accomplishing this through the schools.