RFK Jr. Makes Dramatic Inroads With Hispanic Voters

The Democratic panic over Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential candidacy is in full swing. Leftists are deeply concerned over his quite successful outreach to Hispanic voters, yet another demographic the deeply unpopular incumbent is losing support in.

Kennedy smartly relaunched the “Viva Kennedy” Hispanic program first initiated by his uncle, John F. Kennedy, during the 1960 presidential campaign.

And now his push to be on November ballots has, according to his super PAC, collected enough signatures to appear as a choice for Arizona and Nevada voters. Approximately one in five voters in these battleground locales is Hispanic.

This fact is keeping Biden officials awake at night.

The incumbent carried 59% of the Hispanic vote in 2020. However, polling by the Democratic Equis Research group showed Kennedy with a startling level of support among this demographic in a dozen key battleground states.

The left well knows that Biden cannot afford to lose virtually any of the thin level of backing he still has.

Specifically, the Democratic poll of 2,100 registered Hispanic voters showed RFK Jr. with a considerable 17% support in Arizona and an even stronger 21% in Nevada.

To make matters worse for leftists, the current three-way race has Trump winning among Hispanics by an impressive 41% to 34% over Biden.

Democrats are increasingly worried that the southwest, which backed Biden in 2020, is cracking in its support for the incumbent. If Arizona and Nevada swing to Trump, it could spell doom for Biden.

Kennedy kicked off his outreach to the Latino community in Los Angeles with former L.A. Sheriff Alex Villanueva. He boasts an impressive grassroots organization and is airing Spanish ads that are drawing thousands of views.

Super PAC American Values member Alejandra Chaparro told NewsNation that a connection is being created.

She explained, “We are creating a community with Latinos. Unfortunately, many of them don’t speak the language. They don’t understand the system. Now, it’s very important that Latinos are being listened [to].”

Chaparro added that this group is very important “because they can elect the upcoming president.” Some estimates have the Hispanic population making up as much as 15% of the electorate.