Reality Star Fired After Coming Out As Conservative

Reality television star Annemarie Wiley was allegedly fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) for expressing conservative viewpoints on the program.

Wily revealed last Thursday that she will not return to the production and confirmed that it was not her decision. While she did not provide a detailed explanation of her departure, the Daily Mail reported that her political positions led to her demise.

The outlet cited a source saying that other cast members were horrified over her conservative leanings. However, producers edited the segments out of the program, leading Wiley to explain that viewers did not get to see “the real” her.

Wiley lasted less than one season on the Bravo production, according to the Daily Mail, due to her support for former President Donald Trump and opposition to biological male athletes taking over women’s sports.

The previous season’s New York-based arc, the show’s 13th, featured former cast member Eboni K. Williams constantly lecturing her colleagues on racial issues. Viewers were turned off by her rants, and apparently decided that political positions were not kosher.

This reportedly resulted in Wiley’s confrontations with other cast members ending up on the cutting room floor. It is also believed to have led to her termination.

RHOBH viewers did not have the chance to see the political entanglements on the set. A source said one of Wiley’s co-stars “openly struggled to understand why a woman of color would be aligned with Trump.”

As if she is not intelligent enough to weigh the political options and make her own decisions.

The mother of four is married to former NFL star defender Marcellus Wiley. Her defense of her husband’s traditional views of biological male athletes competing in women’s sports also caused controversy on the Bravo production.

The former football player last year called out males who seek positions in women’s athletics and asked, “Why can’t the dudes who transition to women actually empower women by competing against men?”

A source on the set revealed that Annemarie was seen as “hyper-defensive” concerning her husband’s political views. They added that “it was the biggest turnoff to the ladies.”