Rapper 50 Cent: ‘Maybe Trump Is The Answer’

As President Joe Biden’s re-election changes remain beset by historically low approval numbers, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is chalking up a growing list of unlikely supporters.

Perhaps nowhere is this becoming more obvious than in the world of hip-hop, with several prominent rappers having expressed a positive opinion of the former president in recent weeks.

One notable example is Curtis Jackson, known professionally as 50 Cent, who cited his disillusion with the current immigration crisis in a recent social media statement that stopped just short of endorsing Trump.

Specifically, he denounced a plan proposed by Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams to provide $53 million in prepaid credit cards to undocumented immigrants in the city, expanding his opposition to that program to include an issue that is plaguing communities nationwide.

“WTF mayor Adams call my phone, I don’t understand how this works somebody explain,” Jackson wrote on Instagram. “Can’t explain this I’m stuck maybe TRUMP is the answer.”

Of course, this was not the first time the rapper has revealed a soft spot for the former president. He endorsed Trump ahead of the 2020 election, declaring: “I don’t want to be 20cent.”

Several days later, however, he rescinded his support for the incumbent president.

Other rappers have shown a more abrupt change of heart toward Trump.
After recording a profanity-filled song and filming a graphic accompanying video taking aim, quite literally, at the then-president, Snoop Dogg has since shifted his opinion.

During an interview last month, the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, referenced Trump’s stance on criminal justice reform as a reason to settle the feud.

Broadus explained: “Donald Trump? He ain’t done nothing wrong to me. He has done only great things for me. He pardoned Michael Harris.”

Harris was one of the cofounders of Death Row Records, which released early Snoop Dogg albums, and had been behind bars for 30 years following a conviction for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder when Trump commuted his sentence in 2021.

“I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump,” Broadus added.

As for whether he will endorse a candidate this election cycle, however, the rapper said he has not yet reached a decision.

“I may have to,” he concluded. “Because there are mixed views on that, so I want to see what the people say.”