Prankster Hands DeSantis ‘Participation Trophy’ During Event

On Saturday, a prankster interrupted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) during an Iowa campaign event to hand him a “participation trophy.”

The incident happened while DeSantis, who is running for president in the GOP primary, was speaking at a town hall ahead of the January 15 Iowa caucuses — the first contest in the 2024 primaries.

According to video captured by reporters, Davram Stiefler of the progressive comedy duo The Good Liars interrupted DeSantis’ event to try to hand him a “participation trophy” — a nod to the likelihood that the Florida governor will not win the Iowa caucus, nor the GOP primary.

“Governor DeSantis, I want to present to you this participation trophy,” Stiefler said, prompting laughter from the audience. “Now, probably not gonna win the election, right? But we’re proud of you for trying.”

DeSantis refused to accept the fake trophy, instead firing back at the leftist agitator, stating: “I don’t need participation trophies. Sorry, buddy.”

Before being ushered away by DeSantis’ security and staff, Stiefler told the crowd that the Florida governor was “special, he’s unique, and he’s our little snowflake.”

The Iowa caucuses are slated to take place on Monday evening amid a once-in-a-decade winter blizzard, and polls have indicated that DeSantis is trailing far behind former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump. According to a Suffolk University poll released on Thursday, 54% of respondents chose Trump as their first pick for the Republican nominee, while 20% chose former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) and 13% chose DeSantis. The poll surveyed 500 likely caucus-goers in Iowa.

This is not the first person to heckle DeSantis in Iowa, as the Florida governor was confronted by Trump-supporting journalist Laura Loomer in his hotel on Friday over several issues — including his continued absence from his duties in Florida while on the campaign trail, as she noted that he had “unethically changed the law in Florida so he could run for President on taxpayer dime” when he was previously legally required to step down before running for another office.

Loomer also asked DeSantis “when he’s going to drop out of the 2024 Presidential race since he’s polling at 14% in Iowa, and 5% in New Hampshire” and why he “abandoned Floridians during multiple storms and an insurance crisis.”

DeSantis refused to answer her questions and instead had his staff physically block her from speaking to him.