Portland Antifa Takes Responsibility For Attack On Butcher Shop

Portland’s far-left Rose City Antifa claimed responsibility on Sunday for an attack on a butcher shop in the northeast section of the city. The admission was posted on a blog associated with the radical anarchist group known for causing destruction while skirting punishment due to left-wing bias.

The damage was done despite the shop’s clear liberal tilt. Pasture PDX regularly expressed left-wing opinions on social media and displayed a LGBT “Pride” flag prominently in its storefront.

That did not stop the attack from its radical brethren. Antifa carried out the action to show solidarity for anarchist “antispeciesist” radicals jailed for attempts to “liberate” animals.

The Antifa faction posted online that they shut off the power to Pasture PDX in an effort to ruin its meat supply and make it unsellable.

The anarchists said they then cut off electricity to nearby businesses only because “it was fun.” They posted, “Last night we cut off the tiny padlock to the breaker box of a butcher shop ‘pasture pdx’ and shut off their power supply to make the flesh they butchered unsellable.”

Antifa called their actions “easily reproducible” and urged fellow anarchists to “do other things [than] smash windows.”

Pasture PDX co-owner H.J. Schaible is known in the Portland community for spreading left-wing views. During the peak of 2020’s violent George Floyd riots, he took to Facebook to criticize those who called for an end to wanton destruction.

Schaible said this stand reflected “White privilege.”

Antifa leftists dedicated their vandalism to “Jack, the Susaron 4 comrades in Chile, and all antispeciesists who have been put into cages. For total freedom!”

The group is well known for violence and hatred, and an Oregon judge ruled against Antifa last year in a case involving a journalist who was attacked.

Conservative commentator Andy Ngo took the radicals to court after suffering injuries in a violent June 2019 confrontation with Rose City Antifa in Portland. The journalist noted “it feels like some vindication for a really horrific re-traumatizing process through the litigation process.”

Multnomah County Circuit Judge ordered three members of the anarchist group to each compensate Ngo $100,000 damages for a $300,000 total award.