Police Will Charge Teens For Random Attack On Elderly Christmas Carolers

Massachusetts police have announced that they plan to charge two teenage boys in connection to the brutal random punching attack on a group of elderly Christmas carolers.

The boys will reportedly be charged with battery on a person 60 and over for the attack, which allegedly occurred on Sunday in the Dorchester area of Boston.

Local outlet WBZ-TV reported that the Christmas carolers represented Church of the Holy Spirit in Mattapan. At the time of the attack, the carolers were at a home on Johnston Road at around 3 p.m. to sing for an 88-year-old who had recently suffered a stroke. Her daughter, Veronica Trotman, is a member of their church.

Speaking with WBZ-TV, Trotman explained that she had brought her mom over “to the window so she could hear” the Christmas carolers when suddenly, she “saw the two guys come across the street, but I didn’t know what they were going to do.”

Trotman went on to explain that the caroling abruptly ended when the teenage boys began punching two of the carolers multiple times in the back of their heads.

According to neighbors who spoke with the outlet, the attackers had injured two women in their late 70s during the incident. The police report shows that one of the elderly victims sustained a concussion, while the other refused medical treatment at the scene.

Thanks to witnesses on the street who heard the screams and saw the attack, police were provided with descriptions of the suspects and were able to arrest the teenage boys on Thursday. Authorities also obtained security footage that showed the teenage suspects approaching the Christmas carolers from behind. While the carolers sang “Silent Night,” the boys were seen counting to three before simultaneously punching the elderly women.

One neighbor, Jalen Applewhite, spoke with Boston’s Channel 25 about the incident, declaring that “kids nowadays” have been “going crazy.”

“I understand what it’s like to be out having fun, but you can’t be hitting old ladies,” Applewhite added.

Police have stated that the believe the teenagers may have been playing what has been called “the knockout game,” where teens try to knock out random, unsuspecting innocent people. These criminals often target the elderly in this “game.”

The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association condemned the attack in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, writing: “The lack of respect for elderly members in our community is appalling. Great work by BPD Officers and Detectives. Hopefully, the juvenile offenders will learn from their mistake. Undoubtedly, attacking Christmas carolers is never a good idea.”