North Carolina Poll Reveals Trump’s Commanding Lead Over Biden

President Joe Biden’s plummeting popularity is evident on various fronts, perhaps most importantly in the polls that show his all-but-certain general election rival with a growing lead — particularly in the battleground states that will decide the outcome of the race.

Then-President Donald Trump narrowly edged out Biden by just over one point in North Carolina four years ago, but a new survey from Emerson College Polling found that he currently has a three-point advantage over the incumbent in a hypothetical head-to-head rematch. Trump received support from 47% compared to 44% who said they would vote for Biden, with the roughly 1-in-10 remaining respondents falling into the “undecided” category.

The results got even worse for Biden when third-party candidates were thrown into the mix. Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took 5% of the vote, 1% each went to Cornel West and Jill Stein, another 11% were undecided. Of the remaining responses, Trump claimed a nine-point lead — 46% to 37%.

Trump received more support than Biden among independent North Carolina voters by a margin of 43% to 40%.

Although young adults were far more likely to back Biden than Trump and the incumbent maintained a seven-point lead among voters in their 30s, the trend began to shift among older respondents.

“Voters in their 40s are evenly split: 45% support each candidate,” explained Emerson College Polling Executive Director Spencer Kimball. “Voters over 50 support Trump over Biden, 52% to 40%.”

Democrats received more bad news in the poll amid growing speculation that the party might try to find a replacement for the 81-year-old incumbent. Despite nearly three-fifths of respondents stating that Biden’s age is a major concern, two of his most talked-about replacements fared even worse against Trump.

The former president came out nine points ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris — 50% to 41% — and beat California Gov. Gavin Newsom by a whopping 15 points — 49% to 34% — among North Carolina voters.

On a national level, the results of a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll last month found that Trump maintained a seven-point lead over Biden in a one-on-one race, and his advantage rose to eight points when Kennedy was included in the survey. The addition of West and Stein boosted Trump’s lead to double digits.