Nikki Haley Blew Through $120 Million In Donor Cash

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s withdrawal from the Republican presidential campaign is a good moment to reflect on exactly what she accomplished in her hopeless quest to overtake former President Donald Trump. And the results are shocking.

According to The Daily Caller, Haley burned through $120 million in donor funds to secure a paltry 89 delegates out of 2,429.

That total comes to a staggering $1.3 million per delegate. It would not be a wonder if many donors have a severe case of buyer’s remorse after watching her flailing campaign.

The former U.N. ambassador spent funds provided by Americans For Prosperity Action, a Koch family supported group, and the Haley-backing SFA Fund. With financial outlays by her official campaign, the total rang up to $120 million.

Incredibly, a Haley spokesperson told the outlet that they still believe that all donor funds “went to good use.”

Some Republicans believe the former governor wasted a lot of cash that could go to the ultimate goal — unseating President Joe Biden. Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) expressed his disappointment that her decision to step aside did not come earlier.

He told the media, “She probably should have got out when she lost her own state. I could understand why she stayed there for that, but the fact that she just stayed there and kept going after our nominee for the Republican Party…Donald Trump, it was a waste of money.”

The Haley campaign went through mounds of cash in the early election season. Pro-Haley groups invested $40 million in Iowa only to see their candidate finish third.

Outside groups contributed $31 million for her push in New Hampshire and another $8 million to boost her in her home state of South Carolina.

Both efforts resulted in wide double-digit losses.

But most of the funding evaporated by Super Tuesday. In the wide expanse of 15 states holding primaries and caucuses last week, third-party groups shelled out only $844,000 to back the former governor.

Haley expended much time and energy in her race to unseat Trump as the GOP’s nominee. She attempted to cobble together a coalition of anti-Trumpers and even Democrats, but at best only had modest success.