New York Asks For Illegals To Be Allowed To Vote

Leftist New York City Council members appealed the ruling by the state Supreme Court barring noncitizens from voting in city races. Officials seek a reversal of the decision last month erasing laws that would add approximately 800,000 green card holders to the voting rolls.

City Council spokesman Rendy Desamours announced on Monday that elected officials filed to appeal the ruling.

Desamours claimed that the action is intended to empower New Yorkers “to participate in our local democratic process” and “can only strengthen New York City by increasing civic engagement.”

The appeals court in February struck down laws allowing noncitizens to vote in NYC elections. These controversial statutes were passed over objections from then-Mayor Bill de Blasio, though he declined to veto them.

The New York Times reported that the bill’s chief sponsor, Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (D), believes the laws would force candidates to worry about illegals as much as they do their citizen constituents.

Rodriguez claimed, “People who are looking to get elected to office will now have to spend the same amount of time in the communities affected by this legislation as they do in upper-class neighborhoods.”

The council further argued that due to paying taxes, noncitizens should be afforded the right to vote.

This view is not shared by Staten Island President Vito Fossella, who is one of the plaintiffs fighting the laws. “In plain English, the New York state constitution says only citizens have the right to vote in these elections.”

He added, “The city council has no authority to do what they did. We are going to be ready to do what we can. We are not surprised.”

Embattled Democratic Mayor Eric Adams is conspicuous in his absence from the current debate. As a candidate he endorsed giving noncitizens the right to vote as the “best choice.”

But his city is being flooded by waves of illegal migrants, many of whom are flagrantly breaking the law and preying on innocent civilians. Adams is currently on the sidelines in the heated controversy.

Leftists predictably hurled charges of racism against those who seek to uphold the rule of law. A gathering of the New York Immigration Coalition recently congregated outside City Hall to attempt to get Adams to throw his support behind the effort.

Senior manager Taina Wagnac declared, “Republicans think they can use the courts to disempower immigrant communities, and communities of color, from voting. We have a chance for justice as we move forward with an appeal.”