Musk: ‘Single Party Rule’ Is Democrats’ Immigration Goal

Elon Musk has cited the real reason for the current border crisis which has festered under President Joe Biden. The multi-billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX stated this week on his X social media platform (formerly Twitter) that the larger Democrat strategy is to create a voter base in overwhelming numbers. This will ultimately convert the United States to single-party Democrat rule.

Musk pointed out that four illegal immigrants who were recently charged with assaulting police officers in New York City did not face deportation but were released from jail without bail. Assaulting an officer in the Big Apple is a class C felony that carries a potential prison sentence of 15 years.

“Outrageous” is how Musk described the situation with the four suspects, who are believed to have fled New York and gone to California. Musk also noted that one of the suspects made obscene finger gestures while being filmed.
“Every deportation is a lost vote,” said Musk.

The Biden administration has, up until recently, deemed the border “secure.” In a 2022 testimony before Congress, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas answered a direct question from Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) on whether the U.S. border is secure. “Yes, and we are working day in and day out to enhance its security, congressman,” said Mayorkas.

Yet, in response to the current Texas border crisis, Biden has not maintained this narrative. Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Biden said: “Give me the Border Patrol. Give me the judges. Give me the people who can stop this.” The president refers to the supplemental funding bill he has asked Congress to pass, which contains more border security funding in exchange for $14 billion in additional funding for Ukraine and Israel.

Through nearly 20 executive actions, Biden has completely dismantled core immigration policies and reversed the policies of former president Donald Trump. Biden has prioritized “lawful pathways” for migrants over preventing terrorists and criminals from entering America.

One interesting angle about the immigration crisis involves the predominant stage upon which the drama is playing out. The state of Texas — which boasts half of the southern U.S.

Border with Mexico — has been a solid GOP red state for decades in presidential elections. Illegals who flood into Texas and remain there will also vote there, potentially flipping the state to Democrat. Without Texas and its 40 electoral votes, there is no realistic path to the White House for the GOP. This bolsters Musk’s assertion that the Democrats’ true goal is single-party rule.