Liz Cheney Warns Supreme Court Against Considering Trump Immunity

Disgraced former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has become one of the latest members of the establishment elite to issue threats or warnings to the Supreme Court regarding former president and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s immunity case.

Trump and his allies have argued that he is immune from prosecution for actions taken as president. This argument is based on a clear constitutional process — presidents must first be impeached in the House of Representatives and convicted in the Senate for any alleged crime committed while in office, then they would be able to face criminal prosecution.

This argument is obviously correct for a myriad of reasons, including the fact that without this process, presidents would be unable to take any actions in office for fear of being hit with prosecution by their political opponents. For example, a president who takes military action in a conflict could face prosecution by an anti-war faction in a state run by the opposing party.

Whether this argument is correct or not, Trump has the right to make his case in front of the Supreme Court before President Joe Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ) can try to prosecute him.

However, Democrats and RINOs like Cheney have demanded that Trump be denied his due process rights — especially because they fear that the legal system will not work fast enough to allow the Biden administration to prosecute Trump before the November election.

“When [Trump] now is pushing this idea that a president should have complete immunity against any criminal prosecution for anything he does in office and he’s pushed this appeal to the Supreme Court, I think it’s very important that the Supreme Court recognizes what he’s doing is a delaying tactic,” Cheney said during a speech at Drake University’s Annual Bucksbaum Distinguished Lectureship.

“It cannot be the case that a president of the United States can attempt to overturn an election and seize power and that our justice system is incapable of holding a trial and holding him to account before the next election,” she added.

Her comments paint a clear picture of the true motives behind the Democrats’ various prosecutions of Trump. While they argue that they simply want justice for Trump’s “crimes,” the vehement insistence that the trials must take place before the election proves that Democrats are only looking to hinder his presidential campaign — or even put a stop to it altogether.