‘Life Was Better’ Under Trump, Sen.Tim Scott Declares

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) has responded to former President Donald Trump’s consideration of him as his vice presidential running mate for the general election in November, saying his top priority is ensuring the former president beats President Joe Biden.

“The only thing I can tell you is that the one thing we need is four more years of Donald Trump,” Scott said on Monday.

“We were better off under Trump. For us to be successful, the one thing I can’t afford to do is take my eye off the ball. The eye on the ball means ensuring President Trump gets four more years,” he added.

Trump revealed he is considering Scott, along with South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), while detailing what criteria he’d like to see in a running mate.

Last week, Scott visited the U.S.-Mexico border with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to tour the border and discuss the illegal immigration crisis with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and other federal officials. The senators called on President Biden to secure the southern border and end the largest invasion in American history.

On Sunday, Scott said that voters in the United States are more focused on their future rather than on former President Donald Trump‘s past, suggesting that Trump could help voters make their futures more secure.

Scott’s statement was in response to a question on whether the Republican National Convention should pay the legal fees of the former president, who is facing multiple legal battles amid his campaign for the 2024 presidency. Scott argued that voters are not currently focused on Trump’s legal challenges, but rather their economic challenges “across a kitchen table.”

Trump remains the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. He and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley are set to face off in South Carolina’s Republican primary on Feb. 24. The former president has dominated in the early state nominating contests so far, teeing up a significant test for Haley in the state where she served as governor from 2011 to 2017.