Letitia James Strikes Back At Pro-Trump FDNY

During a promotion ceremony last week, far-left Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James was met with an uproar of boos and chants supporting President Donald Trump, who has been a lawfare target of James and the NYC judicial system. This reaction from the firefighters showcases the growing frustration among first responders toward what many see as an overreach by state officials, particularly in a city that prides itself on freedom and outspokenness.

James’ legal battle against President Trump has been part of the ongoing politicized vendetta brought in courts across America in an attempt to wrongfully influence this year’s presidential election. Following a three-year investigation, James filed a lawsuit against Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization for alleged years of “financial fraud.” This culminated in a judgment where Justice Arthur F. Engoron of the New York State Supreme Court ruled in favor of James, resulting in a judgment that ordered Trump and his associates to pay over $450 million in civil penalties and interest.

The decision also bans Trump and his close associates from holding executive positions in New York companies for varying durations and sets forth measures to ensure future compliance and oversight within the Trump Organization.

At the conclusion of the case, James grandstanded and claimed that “no one is above the law,” including former presidents. The firefighters’ response to James’ included cries of “Trump, Trump, Trump,” and was not just a show of support for the 45th president but a protest against the politicization of what was supposed to be a celebratory event.

The firefighters’ demonstration has led to severe repercussions from FDNY leadership. Chief John Hodgens announced that the firefighters would attend classes for “re-education.” Reports do not indicate that anyone other than James, her staff, or FDNY top leadership felt offended by the spontaneous display of emotion.

The FDNY’s actions have not gone unnoticed, sparking a backlash from conservative circles. Prominent commentators have labeled the city as a “Marxist hellhole,” criticizing the swift crackdown on firefighters for merely expressing their opinions. Attorney and commentator Alan Dershowitz argued that “firefighters have an absolute constitutional right to boo the attorney general.”

New York City has long been renowned for its resilience and devotion to freedom of expression. The FDNY’s handling of this situation sends a chilling message that even those who put their lives on the line for others are not immune to attacks from the leftist woke mob.