Leftist Websites Pushing For Abortion Pills In Restrictive States

Multiple far-left websites recently released a slew of advertisements in GOP-led states indicating that they will ship unregulated abortion pills across the U.S.

Over 12 sites, including Plan C, are selling abortion pills to individuals without asking for age verification or prescriptions despite states heavily restricting the medication.

Townhall reported that the websites are selling abortion pills such as mifepristone and misoprostol for less than $100 without asking any medical-related questions.


The Daily Wire launched an investigation into the issue, pointing out that regardless of age or health concerns, anyone could receive abortion medication by using a credit card and a computer.

“The websites typically direct users to use discreet payment methods to acquire foreign pills. If there are any medical complications, which are not uncommon, the websites typically say they have no liability,” the outlet wrote. “They also assure users that their use of the unregulated drugs won’t be detectable by doctors, and urge them not to disclose what they did.”

“The pill providers have received glowing coverage in legacy media outlets and openly admit to stretching the law, none of the pill providers appear to have faced any legal challenges,” the Daily Wire added.

“While the Biden administration loosened restrictions on sending pills through the mail, the law still requires those sending out the pills to verify prescriptions and be certified,” the outlet continued.

The Daily Wire reported that dozens of websites are providing abortion pills to women across the U.S., paying little to no attention to the many guidelines that have been set to avoid responsibility.

Plan C stated that its vision is “to end an early pregnancy” for anyone who seeks as such. The website advocates for individuals in abortion-restrictive states to adopt “creative options to access these pills.”

“Tennessee restricts abortion pill access, but there are several ways people still get abortion pills by mail in Tennessee,” Plan C’s website states.

The website also encourages customers not to inform medical officials that they took their abortion pill if they go to the hospital.

“There is no way for a medical provider to know whether someone took abortion pills,” Plan C said. “The bleeding looks the same as a miscarriage.”