Lawmaker Preps Bill Banning Foreign Flags On House Floor

While there is still somewhat broad bipartisan support for the continued flow of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, a growing number of Americans are calling on elected officials to turn their focus toward domestic issues.

The most recent backlash came as the House of Representatives considered the latest foreign aid package, which included tens of billions of dollars for Ukraine. One House Democrat went so far as to celebrate the fact that Americans are paying to defend Ukraine’s border even as unvetted migrants continued to pour across the U.S. southern border.

Other lawmakers marked the vote by bringing Ukrainian flags into the chamber, sparking backlash from other legislators — including Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), who has since confirmed her plans to introduce a bill that would prevent foreign flags from being displayed on the House floor.

In addition to a number of small flags, one lawmaker — Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) — wrapped himself in a large Ukrainian banner before casting a vote in favor of the legislation.

“Watching American representatives pass out & wave Ukrainian flags in the United States House of Representatives chamber infuriated me,” Cammack wrote in a social media post on Saturday. “As we speak, my team is drafting legislation that will prohibit the display of foreign nations’ flags on the House floor.”

Even House speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who championed the bill over the opposition from members of his own party, described the display of the foreign flag as a “violation of decorum.”

Shortly after the bill passed, he told reporters: “These are not normal times here in the House or around the world, as we all know. And, we saw a disturbance here on the House floor just a bit ago. I just want to say simply what I think most people around the country understand and agree — we should only wave one flag on the House floor. And I think we know which flag that is.”

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) echoed Johnson’s sentiment with a more colorful declaration of her own.

“Put those damn flags away,” she said from the House floor during the vote, a statement she repeated in a subsequent social media post, adding: “It is a disgrace to display any other flag than the American flag in the House Chamber!”