Kentucky High School Graduate Apologizes For Praising Jesus In Speech To Receive Diploma

Recent graduate of Campbell County High School in Kentucky Micah Price was forced to apologize for speaking about his faith and praising Jesus Christ during his graduation speech in order to receive his diploma, which had been withheld by school administrators.

Price was able to collect his diploma on Wednesday five days following the graduation ceremony. During the event he shared with his classmates a belief in Jesus Christ as “the way,” which was not part of his preapproved speech. Superintendent Shelli Wilson in a statement to WKRC mentioned that all student speakers were cautioned about the repercussions of going, off script during their speeches.

In a recent TikTok video, Price acknowledged that he was “in the wrong here, technically” for going against the school’s code and rules. He encouraged those who had publicly criticized school officials over the issue to “please take a chill pill,” emphasizing that he was not trying to push a political agenda but rather “the kingdom of Christ.”
“The principals are just doing their job,” Price claimed.

Footage of Price’s speech and his explanation of the situation went viral, prompting the incoming US Air Force Academy cadet to post a follow-up video addressing the backlash. “It’s a weird feeling being the talk of the town,” he said, reiterating that his intention was not to push his own agenda but to share his faith.

Despite Price’s defense of the school officials, in the context of the anti-Christian sentiment that continues to grow within the U.S., it seems unlikely that statements of faith from other religions would have met with the same inconvenience as this young man went through.