Kash Patel Accuses Jan. 6 Committee Of Smear Campaign

Kash Patel, a key witness in the Select Committee To Investigate The January 6th Attack On The U.S. Capitol’s investigation, has claimed that the committee is responsible for harming his credibility after discrediting his comments and hiding corroborating testimony from the public.

Patel testified before the Jan.6 committee in Dec. 2021, claiming that Trump asked D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser if she’d like any additional help from the national guard, and was declined, with Bowser affirming that the around 350 national guard members already approved and the D.C. police would be enough to keep things under control.

The media has repeatedly dismissed Patel’s claims, citing the Jan. 6 Committee’s declaration that Trump refused to deploy the national guard in response to the protests at the Capitol.

‘The whole point is it defeats their insurrection claim,’ Patel said. ‘If Trump did not authorize the National Guard before Jan. 6, then how is it factually possible for Bowser and Pelosi to have rejected it, in writing. It’s impossible.’

‘So, they lose the narrative in the public sphere. Now, they’re losing it in the courts with all the litigation,’ he added.

Patel has been vocal about the fact that Trump was fully committed to providing troops as needed to maintain a peaceful demonstration.


New transcripts released by Rep Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) confirm Patel’s testimony.

“Mr. Ornato’s testimony proves what Mr. Meadows has said all along, President Trump did in fact offer 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the US Capitol, which was turned down,” he continued. “This is just one example of important information the former Select Committee hid from the public because it contradicted what they wanted the American people to believe. And, this is exactly why my investigation is committed to uncovering all the facts, no matter the outcome,” Loudermilk said.

Ornato’s testimony directly goes against the committee’s finding that “President Trump had authority and responsibility to direct deployment of the National Guard in the District of Columbia, but never gave any order to deploy the National Guard on January 6th or on any other day, nor did he instruct any Federal law enforcement agency to assist.” which the panel wrote in its final report.

“I remember the number 10,000 coming up of, you know, ‘The president wants to make sure that you have enough,’” Ornato testified to the committee.

Other pieces of testimony seem to corroborate the stories, suggesting that Trump was far more willing to commit the national guard than the committee suggested.

Because Ornato’s testimony was buried, many have discredited Patel’s.

“The Court finds that Mr. Patel was not a credible witness,” a finding reads from the November 2023 ruling by Colorado Judge Sarah Wallace. ‘His testimony regarding Trump authorizing 10,000-20,000 National Guardsmen is not only illogically… but completely devoid if any evidence in the record.’

Even news outlets have suggested Patel gave false testimony, with The Hill stating that, “The conservative outlet [The Federalist] specifically cited Kash Patel, a national security official who has repeatedly called out the committee’s findings, but is not generally considered a reliable source.”

This new information sheds light not only on Patel’s commitment to honesty in the face of derision, but also on the concerning lengths the Jan. 6 committee went to to make sure that the evidence confirmed their agenda.